Mozart and the Evolution of Western Music


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Mozart and the Revolution of Western Music
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From Mozart's life and music, we learn we can grow and develop into more mature and joyful individuals, even through pain. We can use his music to learn to concentrate, contemplate and meditate on our own life situations. Marcia Davenport, in her biography, Mozart, points 
out the contrasting moods of his compositions. She notes that he composed music of radiant vivacity, sparkle, and wit while crushed by the discouragement of living his life insufficiently compensated and unrecognized. The 
juxtaposition of moods in his music is one of the telling 
qualities of his genius. He transcended "all the 
concerns and burdens, the passing pleasures too, of a pitifully harried existence, to soar into that realm which can only be called 
divine, where man assumes the robe of immortality." In this course, we study Mozart in the context of the evolution of Human consciousness as well as our own spiritual evolution.

Estimated average course time for completion of this course: 2 weeks