Welcome to Classic Insights

This is the new home of the site that previously resided at www.onlinehumanities.com. It replaces the site called Educate Yourself for Tomorrow. It does so because we need new insights for this new age.

Because time is moving and change is coming faster than ever before, our sense of Self – of the defining spirit that remains constant amid the rushes of time and worldly change – is more important than ever. Consequently, insight is more important than ever before.

We can learn of this defining spirit within us by understanding the universal knowledge and the inspirational truths that have remained constant throughout history. By studying the wisdom of the ages, we come to know ourselves more fully as human beings. By knowing ourselves more fully, we acquire the insights that will be required for all tomorrows.

Those insights are, indeed, classic.

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β€œIn bringing ...diverse but related elements together in a coherent and systematic manner you have provided an invaluable vehicle for genuine education, which in the final analysis is always self education.”
(Jerome F. Smith, research economist and author)